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Especially today with the emphasis on productive and collaborative remote work, Teamwork is the perfect tool to keep you on track. And regardless of where you are in your Teamwork journey, Hive Tech can help you strategize, implement and improve your use of Teamwork to achieve desired outcomes quicker and more efficiently. Our clients love it, and so could you.
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Teamwork is one of the best productivity systems on the market. Its full suite of tools help teams improve their allocation of people, time and money. Based on a recent Study done by Forrester Consulting, companies see a 437% ROI when using Teamwork to manage their work and payback within 9 months. The benefits of using Teamwork are many:


  • Supports Onsite and Remote Teams
  • Increases Transparency
  • Greater Accountability
  • User-experience
  • Balances Workload
  • Manages Project Timelines
  • Centralizes Project Administration
  • Saves Administrative Time
  • Automates Workflows
  • Operational Reporting



Are you exploring new project management tools? Hive Tech can illustrate how Teamwork can support your team before making a commitment. Our team of consultants can help:



      • define requirements for a new project management system
      • define specific use cases
      • support change management if your team will be moving away from an existing project management system


Made the decision to move forward with Teamwork and ready to implement? Want to ensure maximum adoption right out of the gate? There is a lot to consider when implementing any new system, as a Teamwork Partner, Hive Tech can help you:


      • implement best practices during launch to accelerate onboarding of Teamwork
      • activate Teamwork Projects, Teamwork CRM, Teamwork Desk, and Teamwork Chat
      • step through workflow mapping exercises to automate and streamline processes
      • configure business processes to increase productivity
      • move from disjointed internal project management to collaborative transparent project administration
      • create change management activities (i.e. strategy, training, communication plan) for a successful launch


Have things changed at your organization and you want revisit business processes/workflows?   Has it been awhile since you implemented Teamwork and you want to explore new functionality? Could your team use a refresher training? As everyday users of Teamwork and a certified Teamwork Partner, Hive Tech can help you:


      • re-implement (onboarding 2.0) to reset and get maximum value from your investment of Teamwork
      • unify internal and external stakeholders on client and/or team projects
      • train/reacquaint your team on Teamwork Projects, Desk and/or CRM
      • assess how your team uses Teamwork and provide recommendations to maximize Teamwork’s functionalities

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