20 Apr Remote Work Execution

The COVID-19 has brought remote work to the forefront of execution. How are you doing so far? Answer these easy 7 questions and we'll score you on execution.

How well do you think your remote employees are doing in terms of their telecommunications quality and internet bandwidth?
Do you think your remote employees have done a good job creating a dedicated workspace, or at least a workspace where they can be as productive as expected?
Do you think you've done a good job at managing employees work schedules? Whether or not you've managed to create true office hours, are you confident that what is currently in place is working for your remote employees and you as a company?
How well do you believe you've executed on employee communications to your remote workforce during the pandemic?
Have you done well at factoring in different communication and work styles? If you were to ask two different people, one of which requires a lot of human interaction, and one who thrives by working alone, would they both evaluate the company well?
How would you evaluate your company's technology toolkit in order to accommodate remote work successfully?
Have you already been thinking ahead to the future of remote work? This includes both near future in terms of a potential closure on the pandemic as well as futher into the future with more advanced technology

20 Apr Remote Work Execution

The COVID-19 crisis has presented HR departments with non-stop challenges. Hive Tech HR is helping our clients navigate those challenges. The quiz on the screens that follow will help you assess how well you're doing, present some considerations for your impacted employees, and give you a readiness score.

Are you confident in your team's consideration of employee counts as it relates to applicable legislation (ACA, FMLA, FFCRA, etc.)?
What administrative measures have you made to receive Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) tax credits?
Do you understand how your company's employee benefits have been impacted and has that been communicated well to employees?
How well are you keeping up with the payroll-related system changes that are needed, such as tax credits, calculations based on FTE, across the board pay changes, and other considerations?
How has your team increased its employee engagement initiatives to support employees during the COVID-19 crisis?
How well aligned are you with what your HR systems provider(s) is doing relative to COVID-19?
How have you restructured your performance process in the wake of COVID-19?
Have you made the proper considerations for reevaluating your compensation cycles because of COVID-19 impacts to your business?
Has your team found an effective way to communicate with your furloughed employees that do not have a company email or have not adopted employee self-service options?
If you've had to furlough or terminate employees, have you created a plan for when employees will return to work or are rehired?

20 Apr Remote Work Execution

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