Maximize – UltiPro Implementation Comes Alive with Job Aids

Michelle Sullivan, HR Technology Consultant with Hive Tech HR, describes how the Hive implementation team left the client with laser-focused Job Aids based on the personas of the client team.


“Software vendors often provide trainings on how to perform tasks within their systems but the majority of our clients and end-users alike are using customized versions of these HR systems. Often time these customizations are necessary to ensure proper change management but often make the vendor-created trainings obsolete”, says Michelle.


“It’s our goal to ensure each of our clients is able to maximize the use and capabilities of their new software driving change to a more robust HR System. That is why we create customized job aids, based on a client’s specific set up and persona of the user with unique step by step processes and trainings showing them actual views from inside their specific system. This helps ensure the associates processing those changes now and, in the future, understands each and every field as it applies to their organization. These job aids are designed to be easily transferrable so that new team members can learn the systems and processes with limited experience”


Let Hive Tech HR help you automate everyday business processes and to add time back to your day by Maximizing your system configuration, eliminating the need for corrections after entry and ensuring adoption by the end-users.

Business Issue

Client needing final drive to Ultipro Implementation and Change Management.




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