Phase New – Global Software Development Company

Hive Tech HR was chosen over one of the Big Four consulting firms to find the next great global HCM system for this global software firm that operates in over 20 countries. It was clear early on that there would be a heavy focus on talent management functionality, since the client really needed to better track and develop their greatest asset, their people. Kersten and Jeremy, after doing a great deal of pre-work, facilitated global workshops to learn what was most important to the client in terms of both their People Management and their technology. After a structured RFP process and vendor walkthroughs, the team arrived at their best possible choice. The team continued onto creating an executive business case, and even had to assist with implementation partner selection. All in all, they helped the client achieve their goal of finding their next great system, and even making sure they had executive buy-in.

Business Issue

Client needed a robust, secure and compliant Global Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that enhances the employee experience and meets the business needs by delivering comprehensive functionality and valuable reporting.

Project Dates

May 2018 - February 2019

Relevant Quotes

"We also need contractors and contingent workers managed in one global system." "We need to make it easier to see candidates across the geographies...especially internally."


Phase New, Select


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