Phase New – Medical Device Company

For five weeks intense weeks, including an Onsite Summit, we conducted deep dives with the core team and also held session with the wider audience. The result of our work produced a Pre-Check report which recommended complete replacement of the core HCM, with an eye towards addressing as many HR functions as possible, such as talent acquisition, compensation management and payroll. We projected that these actions would lead to a major improvement by providing systems that were global, scalable, maintainable, and upgradeable in order to drive the company into the future. The customer used the outputs of our Pre-check and extensive, specific recommendations as a baseline of requirements for their future system. They went on to select and implement Workday as their new HCM technology.

Business Issue

This large medical device company needed to determine if it was possible to bring their on premise solution into an optimal state. At some point they started to ask themselves "why not SAAS?” That's the point at which we were brought to the table.

Project Dates

February - October 2015

Relevant Quotes

“Technology needs to be successfully adopted. It isn’t just whether the system works well, but that it is used properly." CIO


Phase New, Pre-Check, Select


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