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We know the importance of protecting the investment in your HR technology. We also understand wanting to get everything you expected out of a costly purchase. Our HR technology consultants can protect, enable and provide ongoing support where you need it most.

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Hive Tech Protect

Hive Tech Protect Maximize Services

Hive Tech Protect provides you with the resources, tools and processes for immediate success and maximum ROI of your HR technology investments. We focus on removing points of failure, ultimately eliminating risk. With Hive Tech Protect we provide:

  • HR technology consultants with functional expertise in all areas
  • Process and workflow optimization
  • A holistic testing strategy, plan, test scripts and test execution
  • A system rescue plan and resources to get a HR system back on track
  • Expertise to fill in knowledge gaps and provide best practices
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Hive Tech HR Maximize Services

At this step, we have a planning session with your team to gain an understanding of your business objectives, challenges and obstacles—clearly defining your needs. The Hive Tech Enable step includes our proprietary BEE Agile (Better Engagement Early = Agile) and SWARM Intel℠ processes providing:

  • Fit/Gap for optimization of your HCM system and strategy for enhancements
  • Change managment consultants to implement best practices for adoption
  • Strategies for improving HR technology user adoption
  • Customized, hands-on training
  • Business process assessment and recommendations for best practices
  • Reporting, notifications and dashboards
  • Workforce analytics plan to provide insightful analytical tools
  • Assessing, testing and deploying the latest product features
  • Functional add-on modules

Hive Tech HR SWARM Intel℠ AssessmentThe SWARM Intel tool evaluates your current HCM platform, identifies specific opportunities and a path for improvement and optimization.

Hive Tech HR BEE AgileBEE Agile (Better Engagement Early = Agile) gives you access to Teamwork™,  Hive Tech HR’s project management tool that will support accountabilities, balance resources, engage the team and manage project timelines.

Hive tech support with On-Demand HR Tech Talent powered by HR ‘TECHIES’

Hive Tech HR Support

Hive Tech Support equips you with on-demand staff and/or staff augmentation. Based on your needs, we offer:

  • Retainer based, on-demand HR technology support
  • Ongoing end-user support on an hourly basis
  • Partially retained search for HR tech talent
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Hive Tech HR is here to help solve your HR challenges. Share some information about your project and we’ll give you a preliminary estimate.

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