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Let us make HR system selection easier with a methodical, streamlined process and automated selection tool based on your needs. You know your company. We know HR technology. Our HR Technology Consultants are armed with the best knowledge of the market and offer vetted, proven guidance to find your HR system and move HR transformation forward.

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Hive Tech Pre-Check, Powered by Swarm Intel

HR System Selection | Hive Tech HR | Strategize

The SWARM Intel℠ tool validates whether it’s time for a change and, if so, gives you an ROI Analysis, initial requirements for a future system and more. Ideal for an HR team or an IT pro championing the change, the Hive Tech Pre-Check powered by SWARM Intel℠ provides:

  • A thorough Fit/Gap to benchmark for future action
  • A recommendation report that helps clients diagnose current limitation and identify future possibilities
  • An effectiveness score on each HR functionality to prioritize the roadmap
  • Determination on whether an HR System Selection should fit into your strategy
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Hive Tech Select, Powered by SELECTHUB™

HR System Selection | Hive Tech HR | Strategize

The HR technology marketplace is booming, which means incredible selection when you’re ready to purchase a new system or additional module.
Our qualified HR Technology Consultants combine their market expertise with a tight process and automated selection tool, SelectHub™. Hive Tech’s HR System Selection gives you:

  • An automated tool that steps you through the HR System Selection for full suite or niche solutions
  • Requirements sessions to ensure your overall processes are well defined and can be matched with HR technology
  • Coordination with vendors and a curated number of demo sessions
  • Automated score sheets and expert guidance to facilitate the ideal HR System Selection
  • An HCM technology roadmap that helps your organization plan out its most successful path to digital HR transformation.
  • Price negotiation and contract review
  • Other ancillary selections such as implementation partners and other modules (ATS, Performance, etc.)
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