HR 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response Act

20 Mar HRIS and HR Systems on the front lines: Considerations for your HR System(s) with the Emergency FMLA

Families First Coronavirus Response Act signed into law today!

As of today, 3/19/2020, with the passing of the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Act and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, action is required for employers with less than 500 employees. This means that, good or bad, HR and HRIS will be on the front lines for processes and pay to be strategized, communicated, calculated and implemented in short order!

The foundation of this bill is emergency paid sick leave and emergency paid leave for employees impacted by the Coronavirus, as well as corresponding tax implications for employers. HR, Payroll and Workforce Management leaders and their teams will be expected to move quickly to make changes to their process and HR systems.

A quick turnaround of interpretation of law by employers will be needed in order to understand what needs to change and to ultimately rollout all of the changes.

Our Hive Tech HR solutions consultants are reviewing the details of the new legislation and are ready to partner with you to implement changes, including but not limited to systems configurations to:

  1. Add new Leave and Earnings codes
  2. Calculate average weekly earnings
  3. Coordination and calculation of any current sick leave time off benefit banks with the new sick leave benefit
  4. Define workflow for submitting and approving this leave
  5. Track all leave payments for submittal for Tax Credits
  6. Determine any new reporting needs

Just to name a few!

Full legislation:


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