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14 Jan How Teamwork Projects™ Helped Us Deliver A Large-Scale, Complex Project

Teamwork™ Approved Partner

How Teamwork Projects™ enabled us to work together seamlessly with multiple functions and our client.

The flexibility and scalability of Teamwork Projects helped us bring our own Hive Tech HR project team together with the client’s team to deliver a large-scale, complex project.  In this case, we brought the client’s US Payroll, Canadian Payroll, Benefits, and HR teams onto a singular platform to beautifully execute a project to re-configure and optimize their core payroll systems due to divestiture.

Hive Tech HR chose Teamwork as a partner in 2018 because it allows us to stay true to project management methodology while also allowing an Agile view.  The Teamwork software is flexible enough for the client to pull out their data whether they want a list view an Agile Board view or a Gantt chart.  The Hive Tech team used it to balance the workload of our resources and give accountability to Tasks.

For this particular client, we also loaded in our consulting hours so that the client could see, in real-time, where they were at with budgeted hours in the Time feature.

Along with the client, we were able to assign accountabilities for tasks, visually show deadlines and used the Notebooks feature to record the history of our stand up meetings and our decision outcomes.

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