15 Aug MN Or Not, Use The MN Wage Theft Law To Update Your System’s Best Practices

By Cindy Ridley, VP Hive Tech HR

Why bringing your company into compliance with the new MN Wage Theft Law is also a great review of best practices for communicating with your employees.

The new MN Wage Theft law, while at first glance daunting to execute, is really a great opportunity to review your wage practices and how you communicate those to your employees.

The law requires that employers communicate to new employees what they are paid, how they are paid, and when they are paid–and what a great way to start off on the right foot!  Employees often don’t know or don’t understand if they are exempt or non-exempt, for example, or what it means. 

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Another new provision is to communicate paid vacation, sick time or other paid time off (PTO), how the paid time off will accrue, and terms for its use.  This is a perfect time to communicate your great benefits but set expectations for accruing and using time off.

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Earnings statements (paystubs) also require a number of records fields to communicate things like wages paid, hours worked, benefits accrued, and more information to employees.  Many HR software vendors are already in compliance with this and others will need employers to set up new fields.  Payroll stubs have always been an alternative way to communicate all-employee messages.

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The law also requires notices to employees of any wage changes.  What a great opportunity to communicate this to employees!

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