03 Jun “How Dare You Rate Me a 3?” – From HiveTech HR

Performance reviews are changing. The classic review performed by the HR department has become boring and non-productive. Building a better review system in your HR department will build your business through morale and productivity. You need every resource you can find to build a great business.

Jeremy Ames is HiveTech HR’s CEO and Founder. His presentation, “How Dare You Rate Me a 3: Alternatives to Alienation and Empowering the Employee,” succinctly describes a better HR review program in an easy-to-apply formula. The HiveTech evaluation model can help you build morale, which increases productivity, versus the standard system, which leaves employees feeling squeamish and employers feeling they alienate staff and unintentionally even risk losing them. The entire process is demoralizing and leads to a negative impact on both employee and employer.

How Is Our Review Different?

In this new revision, employees are asked to perform self-review, on a quarterly schedule, in addition to their employer’s reviews. Employer and employee look at the pre-determined goals that had been set for that timeframe. The employee is asked to rate his or her own performance on those goals for that quarter on a scale of 1-5. The employee’s cash bonus for the period is partially based on this score. What makes the system function is how the employer utilizes that information.

What Do Employers Learn?

If the employee inflates their score, the employer sees how this person may be overvaluing their personal contributions; this can be resolved through open, considerate communication. It might show employee and employer expectations are not in sync. The employer can then create more touchpoints through the next quarter to communicate expectations and goals. If an employee is obviously untruthful, the employer knows to beware.

In the case of employees who deflate their scores, the employer learns these employees undervalue themselves. They need encouragement and reinforcement. Over time, the system may show a gender variance as something to be aware of.

Will This Work for You?

The question becomes, will this new slant to the review system work for your company? Statistics bear out that it will. In the initial studies, after three quarters, the accuracy of the reviews was deemed to be 93 percent. Two reviews showed an employee escalation by one point and one escalation by two points These were all dealt with in discussion. There was one case of potentially deflated self-review.

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