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If you need help with Ultimate Software, you’ve come to the right place. We’re one of Ultimate‘s top certified partners consulting on their people management technology.

We call our services “wrap-around” for a reason. They’re meant to complement anything you might want to do on Ultimate. From helping guide you through an implementation, to getting even more value out of your current instance of the software, we have extensive knowledge of all things Ultimate. Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of Ultimate Software investment.

We can get our hands dirty or talk to you strategically. Here’s a sampling:


  • Fit/gap analysis (what’s working, what isn’t)
  • HR Tech roadmap (what to add and when, and how it all fits)
  • Digitalization of HR processes


  • Open Enrollment Setup Configuration
  • Integrations
  • TMU/TMI Implementation
  • Benefit/Deduction Configuration
  • Cognos (BI) Reports
  • Platform Configuration vs. User Defined field usage – configuration
  • Dashboard configuration
  • Recreational Implementation
  • Variance Research
  • Custom Configuration not supported by product.
  • GL Testing – processes and best practices
  • Back Office – benefits/deductions upload template
  • Effective usage of PTO Module

We’re ready to help get you to the elusive “there.” We’ll even help you define where it is so that it’s attainable. Every situation is different so give us some idea of your organizational needs and we’ll put together a preliminary estimate for you. Hands off, even, if that’s better for you.

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