The Hive Tech HR community doesn’t exist in one place. You’ll find pieces of it in the webinars we publish with IHRIM and You’ll see part of it in our lively Twitter chat that draws professionals from all over the world. You can find Hive Tech HR on facebook and LinkedIn. It’s possible you’ll catch a glimpse during one of our “vendor crawls” at a big conference. We also write articles for various publications.

No matter where you find the Hive Tech HR community, we hope you become a part of it. Our leadership, and the practitioners that make up the community, are there to answer your questions, ask some of our own and build a body of knowledge that can serve the HR Technology community for years to come.

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By Cindy Ridley, Vice President

Being responsible for bringing in 15 Breakout speakers and 65 HCM Solution Vendors to the Region’s Largest HR Tech Expo in Minnesota, I am constantly asked ‘What are you seeing for Trends in HCM Solutions’. 

In reviewing the speaker presentations for the April 10th 2019 event, I can say there ...


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