You’re an experienced HR Professional. Maybe you’re a genius in the IT department. Perhaps you have years of expertise managing projects. Or you could be a seasoned executive. But I bet you haven’t managed hundreds of projects, done multiple installations or implemented HR Technology systems in companies of all shapes and sizes. We have. Knowing how it works is the first step in a successful consulting relationship.

And it starts with a conversation. Either give us a call or reach out to get a proposal. Then we’ll schedule some time to go over your specific issues in depth and get a sense of where your company is in its journey. Once we’ve had our exploratory call, we’ll start assessing things like timeline, budget and internal resources. A great indicator of how much you are willing to spend on consulting, is how much you are planning to spend on the technology itself. Our services are a small fraction of that cost, and are so useful to clients that they frequently see thousands of dollars, if not the entire services cost back in return on investment.

Our expert HR Technology team will work with your internal team every step of the way to make sure that you have the support and training you need, across the enterprise. We’ll also make sure to keep great records, so that your intellectual property isn’t compromised if a key team player doesn’t stay in the organization.

HRIS experts will assign key performance indicators, unique to your project or mandate, to track each activity and accountability measurements across departments and team members, creating a “bottleneck-free” zone.

To learn more about our total services, fill out a no-pressure request for a proposal or check out our services page for more details.

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