#HRISChat, 7/15/2014, 12EST. The Shrinking Planet and the Workplace.

#HRISChat, 7/15/2014, 12EST. The Shrinking Planet and the Workplace.

The Shrinking Planet and the Workplace.

With Special Guest Sybll Romley


This week on #HRISChat we’re talking about the shrinking planet, and the impact of that phenomenon on the workplace. No, the earth isn’t physically shrinking, that we’re aware, but it continues to get smaller in virtual terms. The net result is that two individuals who currently don’t know each other have a much greater likelihood of interacting within the next year than they would have been between 1994 and 1995.  How are those interactions being facilitated and managed in today’s workplace?  Who’s in charge, and what mechanisms of control do they have? Who can benefit or lose, and how?

To make our point, we’re extending the whole “we’re all connected” concept to #HRISChat itself. Less than two weeks ago, #HBRogue, another excellent TweetChat conducted on Thursdays, covered the topic “Managing a Global Workforce.” While not focusing on the technology, per se, the ideas presented on that chat connect to our discussion today.  We’ll honor that connection by both converting answers from that chat into questions, and quoting some of the overall feedback from it. In addition, we’ll be adding a layer of technology to the discussion.

We’re joined this week by Sybll Romley, Regional Developer at SYNERGY Homecare, providing local support to the Franchise partners.  Sybll has a wealth of knowledge in both global HR and HR Technology, having started her career in recruiting, and continued on to become the CEO of SPECTRUM, a 125 employee software company.  Sybll also sits on SHRM’s HR Management and Technology expertise panel along with Hive Tech HR president Jeremy Ames. She has held that seat for many years, and has elevated to a panel leadership position.  Sybll has also exhibited personal social responsibility in her professional life, having worked as a caregiver to Alzheimer’s and Hospice patients and serving as the Program Director of the Drennen O’Melia Youth Center.

Here are this week’s questions:

Q1: @Sagestrategist warns of “geographical separation” and “time zone differences.” How is technology solving for (or not solving) that challenge?

Q2: @LoueiAli is thankful for Google Translate. How is technology keeping up with language requirements? Similarly, how are companies handling language, and who’s in charge?

Q3: @Contactzilla stresses “remote collaboration” and finding “the best ways to communicate.” Have products like GoToMeeting and Webex made that a reality, or is there still room to improve?

Q4: @ZenWorkplace says communication challenges “depend on workforce structure. Global doesn’t necessarily mean teams are dispersed.” How can companies “team up” via technology?

Q5: @Onsombi and @SunilMalhotra stress the importance of face-to-face. What do we still get out of “going old school” that is not solved by technology?

Q6: @Onewiretweets suggests, “Use technology everyone is familiar with – Skype, e-mail, Google Hangouts.” How does using consistent technology either support or hurt business?

Q7: We’ll end with a more philosophical question. Why is it even worth using technology to connect workers. Would we be just as successful working in silos?

New to #HRISchat? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Go to www.tchat.io, enter HRISchat next to the # symbol and click “go.” It will likely prompt you to login to Twitter. Then just watch for the questions and provide your answers.
We look forward to your participation Tuesday July 15th at 12PM EDT/9AM PDT.

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