HR Tech Economies of Scale…or Fail: Sales

HR Tech Economies of Scale…or Fail: Sales

The 2015 exploration of HR Tech world domination travels on, and today we’re looking at domination via sales. As a company grows, one would assume that it’s doing an exponentially better job of attracting new business. Let’s specifically look at how that breaks down in the HR Technology software market. In my last post, I introduced the concept of how an HR Tech software vendor can either achieve economies of scale, or fail, depending on how they respond to growth. We honed in on the product itself, and talked about, as a couple of examples, how the product can be enhanced through R&D if prioritized properly, or how it can become a Frankenstein if it grows by acquisition. Today, as a proper lead up to the HR Technology Conference starting in Vegas this weekend, let’s talk about how a size of a software vendor impacts the sales process. After all, anyone passing through the expo hall (oh, if you do, stop by and say hi at booth #819), will see little booths and big booth, teams of 5 sales representatives (including company executives) and teams of 25.

Again, I’m going to make this visual. Some of the concepts below were covered in the second article in the TechTarget series I co-authored on the 7 Keys to Buying HR Software (link takes you to the 7th article on Support, from which you can backtrack to the second on Sales).

Scale Versus Fail - Sales

Again, this can be looked at vendor by vendor. We could get very specific; some would come out smelling like roses, and others just plain smelling. Feel free to comment below, swing by our booth (again, 819) at the HR Technology Conference in Vegas, or attend my talk about world domination via recruiting technology at the HR Tech Congress in Paris later this month.


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