That’s it. We’ve had all we can stands and we can’t stands no more. Buyers beware of some sellers, some of those connecting you to sellers and some of those writing about the buyers and the sellers. It’s time for some frog protection.

When there’s a rush to an industry as hot as HR


We pulled it off. I didn’t even know that “we” were a “WE” until the final event of the evening. And I wasn’t sure that the “it” from my keynote was a global “IT” until I met and spoke to attendees. What I do know is that the meaning of each word turned into


In the past two weeks, I’ve been on a Trivia Crack kick. I blame my brother-in-law for introducing me to the app that allows you to play your friends (or strangers) in trivia. It’s simple and interesting, with a tight, colorful UI that just works. If you’re already playing, and not losing every game,


That’s right, I’m going to burn one “vendor” that has nothing to do with the industry in which I work to make a point about the vendors in my industry – HR Technology. I’m done with sticky omelette pans. I’m done thinking it’s me. The vendor has to take some responsibility.

Let me take


In December of 2014, our list of 2015 predictions was topped by the following statement: “Training management finally has its day.” It’s now March, and time to clarify something very important about that statement. The software vendors themselves need to move the first chess piece. That realization came to me at a celebration of Holi,


If only all of our life lessons could come from the voice of James Earl Jones. Three and a half decades since he was the voice of Luke’s father, the 84 year old master is still rocking the Broadway stage. This isn’t a review of You Can’t Take It With You, other than


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