The reasons I get asked why I chose the Twitter handle @TheHCMGuy tend to fall into 3 buckets:

The asker thinks the handle is slightly arrogant, as if anointing oneself as “the guy” of anything is pretty presumptuous. Fair point well madebut bear in


As 2016 ramps up, there’s one more prediction I’m going to cast on the world of HR Technology. Apologies in advance for the first person in all of this…these are my own views and not to be confused with the views of my co-workers and industry peers. I predict a year of great change. Here are


There appears to be a fear that the world would cease to exist without Trends and Predictions. Seriously, January 1st will come if we don’t predict what the New Year will bring. After all, they predicted mayhem for Y2K, and 01/01/00 still went off without a hitch…and not simply because we spent billions preparing for


The 2015 exploration of HR Tech world domination travels on, and today we’re looking at domination via sales. As a company grows, one would assume that it’s doing an exponentially better job of attracting new business. Let’s specifically look at how that breaks down in the HR Technology software market. In my last post, I


A year-long exploration of global HR Tech – beginning in the spring at SHRM Tech Mumbai – has led me to a fall season where I’m writing and speaking about World Domination in HR Technology. Most recently, at the IHRIM Conference, I held a session with numerous HR


Last year’s theme was consumerization. This year it’s world domination. I’ve been spreading the theme it all year. Whether it made a blip on your radar or not is neither here nor in Paris.

Back in April I did the closing keynote at SHRM Tech in Mumbai, India. The topic was


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