We know the products. You know your company. Let us make the HR system selection process 1000% easier with a streamlined, faster process. Our HRIS consultants are armed with the best knowledge of the market and offer vetted, proven guidance. Let us show you what the process might look like. You might be surprised at how easy it can be. 


Hive Tech Pre-Check

HiveTech HR Pre-Check: Hr System Selection
Sometimes you know you need a change but have no idea where to start, or maybe you don’t have the executive buy-in to get going. The Hive Tech Pre-Check validates whether it is time for a change, and if so it gives you an ROI analysis, the initial requirements for a future system, and more. Ideal for HR and IT pros who are looking to plan and create change within your organization, and who might have an outdated or no systems in place.  With Hive Tech Pre-Check you’ll be able to:
  • Gain executive approval for HR Technology decisions
  • Get up to speed on best practices regarding SLAs and contract negotiation during and HR system selection
  • Identify project KPIs and Goals
Stuck in a rut? Our HRIS consultants will figure out how to prepare your organization for the right changes at the right time. Get Moving

Hive Tech Select

HiveTech HR Select - HR System Selection
The HR technology market is booming, which means incredible selection when you’re ready to purchase a new tech solution. Great! Unfortunately, that can cause “analysis paralysis” when faced with hundreds of products and even more modules. Our qualified HRIS consultants combine their market expertise with a tight process an automated tools to pinpoint the right system that will to make your company better and your job easier. You receive:
  • An automated tool to step you through HR System Selection (core HR, or individual systems such as Talent Acquisition)
  • Requirements sessions to make sure your overall processes are well defined and can be matched with technology
  • Coordination with vendors and a controlled number of demo sessions
  • Automated score sheets and expert guidance to come up with the ideal HR System Selection

Learn more about our cutting edge system selection tool, SelectHive

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HIVE Stats

  • Plan to replace their talent management applications with an integrated suite 25%
  • Organizations who plan on replacing a current HR information system (HRIS) in the next 12-18 months 25%
  • HRIS systems which have been deployed for seven+ years 53%
  • Those who have budgeted more than $750,000 for a talent management suite. 40%

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