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This is our bread and butter. We realize the importance of safeguarding the investment you made in your HR Technology. We also understand that you may not be getting everything you expected out of your costly purchase. We offer three targeted services that bring system stability, maximize ROI and expand user experience.

Hive Tech Protect provides you with the resources, tools and processes for immediate success and maximum ROI. We focus on removing points of failure, ultimately eliminating risk. We also understand protecting an investment means you don’t neglect it. With Hive Tech Protect, we provide:

  • Certified consultants with functional expertise in all areas of HR Technology
  • Cyclical and on-demand talent, which prevents you from having to hire full-time staff
  • Process management
  • A holistic testing strategy, plan, test scripts and test execution
  • Upgrade management
  • A system rescue plan and resources to get a “buggy” system back on track
  • Expertise to fill in knowledge gaps and provide best practices


Hive Tech Enable

Think of an implementation as a series of checkboxes for  modules, functionality, integrations, etc. How many of those boxes were unchecked to get to the finish line?

We begin with a joint planning session with your team to help gain a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives, challenges and obstacles. Through our consultative approach, we work together to clearly define your needs. Our Hive Tech Enable service offering includes:

  • A strategic roadmap with a vision/plan for long term success
  • Strategies for improving HR Technology user adoption
  • Customized, hands-on training
  • Business process assessment and recommendations for best practices
  • Reporting, notifications and dashboards
  • Workforce analytics strategy to provide insightful analytical tools
  • Assessing, testing and deploying the latest product features


Additional Phase Next© Service Offerings

HiveTech HR Select







  • Client Side Project Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Reporting/Integrations
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Training
  • Functional Add-On Modules
  • Testing Support
  • Logistics/Upgrade Support
  • Acquisition Migration Strategy/Divestiture Strategy


HIVE Stats

  • Plan to replace their talent management applications with an integrated suite 25%
  • Organizations who plan on replacing a current HR information system (HRIS) in the next 12-18 months 25%
  • HRIS systems which have been deployed for seven+ years 53%
  • Those who have budgeted more than $750,000 for a talent management suite. 40%

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