If your system isn’t working the way you want it to, find the experts that can help you improve it. If you’re concerned with the data integrity of your system or your system interfaces, hire somebody to help improve them, thereby raising your confidence. If the so called “experts” that initially promised to deliver a quality system aren’t meeting expectations, find a team with a proven track record to get you where you need to be.

Successful technology projects should include the right amount of documentation. Too often, requirements and technical specifications contain too much “fluff.” This negatively effects the project with extra effort both in writing and deciphering documents. By the same token, not enough concise documentation can lead to additional effort in the back-and-forth between the visionary and developer and can also lead to a product that does not meet expectations.

You can customize, if you absolutey have to. The reason customization gets a bad name is that people inherently stink at executing on them. From requirements gathering, to documentation,development and support…there are a lot of steps where it can go wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that way. They are just mini-systems projects, and if executed correctly they can meet a complex business need not offered in a vanilla product, or even in a “configurable” product.

HRIS Security is one of the most neglected aspects of an implementation. It is critical to define how access to the data and functionality of your system should vary amongst users. By spending adequate time designing and configuring your security architecture, you will ensure that the system is being used and viewed by the appropriate people within your organization. You will also be putting in place controls that may be later verified by an auditor.

While an HRIS implementation may end at Go Live, that does not mean that your system should be stuck in that state forever. When the vendors, consultants and your internal team have finished their work, take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and investment. Then, when the time is right, revisit what you wish you had time for during implementation, or what you’ve noticed in using your system. Then address them based on priority and ROI.

Juggling multiple action items on a project is inevitable. It is when you start having to juggle action items within action items that the balls start to drop. A successful project is one in which tasks are systematically completed, and structure is maintained by one key contributor. Anything else leads to a haphazard project and eventual failure, whether real or perceived.

You just decided that you want to purchase a HRIS. Hive Tech HR can help match the right system to your organization’s needs. We have expertise in many different products and know the functionality provided by all HRIS modules.

You are beginning the implementation of your HRIS and need both product and HR expertise. Hive Tech HR would assimilate into your project team and cover as many or as few of the project roles as you’d like, from project management to development.

You have an existing HRIS and are looking to add some new functionality to the system, whether that be in the form of entire product modules (i.e. performance management) or a series of customizations to existing modules.

You have a very specific project that requires HRIS expertise. For example, if you are looking to integrate your recruiting application with your HR system, and need to create an interface that feeds candidates into the system to become new hires.

You realize that the systems you have implemented, HRIS and otherwise have created a debt to your organization and you want to analyze that debt and put into place practices to reduce it. Hive Tech HR has a toolset that can make that happen.

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