H.I.V.E. Methodology

As you can tell, the Hive mentality is a big part of what we do around here. Our social community is called the Hive, our company is Hive Tech HR and almost all our products are Hive related. We know. You get it. We’re into it

The parallels are astonishing in both our business, and possibly, yours.

But the hive is more than marketing speak. In fact, it’s an acronym for everything we believe in here. We strive to make sure that our internal processes, our interactions with clients and the services we provide to our partners fit the following criteria:


Is it too much to ask that HR Technology be addictive? We want to make sure you will use the system every day, not just install it. So we make it part of your daily/weekly/monthly routine and give you solid training to make sure it sticks.


Remember when new technology was exciting? It can be again. The goal of HR Technology is to breathe life into the organization. We’re here to solve problems and that’s exciting!


HR Technology isn’t cheap. Chances are you’re thinking about or have already made an investment. Our goal is to help you make the most of it. What return on investment did you expect to get from this new system? Get it with our help.


There’s a reason this is sitting at the end (besides spelling). Generating excitement at the “buying and planning” stage is easy. Keeping that excitement and momentum going beyond the first year is what we do.

Jeremy Ames

CEO - Founder

Jeremy is President and Founder of Hive Tech HR, Inc. (formerly Gaucho Group). Prior to founding his own company, he served as Sr. Project Manager/Team Lead at NuView Systems and Senior Software Engineer and Site Process Manager at Fidelity Investments. He has also done international consulting at Maximus.



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