6 Ways to Get Great HR Technology for Small-Business Prices

6 Ways to Get Great HR Technology for Small-Business Prices

By Mark Feffer

Originally published on SHRM.org on April 13, 2018

When Peter Sandford and Bob Christensen founded NXLevel Solutions in 2004, they envisioned a company whose structure would be relatively flat and offer ample development opportunities for its staff.

So when the Lambertville, N.J., learning-solutions provider decided to incorporate technology into its review process, finding a product that aligned with its approach to performance management was the driving force.

“We didn’t want a standard review-based platform,” explained Sandford, executive vice president of the 22-employee company. Because of NXLevel’s size and simple org chart, he looked for a product with a “modern review approach” that could “handle how [the employees] work and think.”

After examining several options, NXLevel selected 7Geese as its solution. The product, Sandford said, aligned with how the company’s management and staff operated and provided the training and support they’d need to use it effectively. Although all the products he evaluated were priced similarly, Sandford’s takeaway was to focus on “alignment first, then price” when buying HR technology. That way, you avoid paying for unnecessary tools, he said.

The range of HR technology—whether complex enterprise-level artificial intelligence and machine learning and analytics, or simple databases—is vast and growing. “There are solutions on the market for every shape and size customer,” said Jeremy Ames, co-founder of Hive Tech HR, a Medway, Mass., firm that implements HR systems for organizations with 200 to 1,200 employees.


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